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Our mission is to ensure that every child becomes an expert learner by developing a foundation of core content knowledge, facility and command of their learning process, and the ability to solve complex problems so that they are prepared for their future.  


We start from a place of valuing what the learners, teachers and leaders bring to the classroom, the school, and the system.  The passion and expertise of educators is at the heart of our professional learning programs.  We combine the passion and expertise of educators with research and practices around the world to build a better future for learners.


We at Hinge Education have gone to the research and pulled out the proven educational influences that have been shown to be most effective and combined these into systematic  methods that support learners in becoming experts in their learning and developing and applying core content knowledge which leads to success within educational contexts and beyond.


To support learners we have 2 primary tracks for professional learning that include our innovative, impactful, and customizable professional learning programs backed by a variety of published books and resources from our in house author Dr. Michael McDowell.


Hinge Education’s content and workshops are built on years of research and practice.  Hinge Education models effective practice through on-site and virtual professional learning workshops and coaching to build the capacity of learners, teachers, and leaders.   



Each workshop offers step by step guidance on how to implement best practices in every context in K-12 education.  Each workshop incorporates delivery of core content through presentations, video vignettes, and structured activities to solidify new learning and shared understanding for every teacher and leader and their team.  


Each workshop brings multiple  teams together to discuss topics,  debate core implementation challenges, and give and receive feedback on work developed during each session. Workshops are filled with a number of protocols that teachers and leaders may immediately use back on site and in classrooms to enhance  student and colleague interaction, problem solving, and overall learning.  

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Each workshop is built for creating new ideas, new approaches, and new experiences for teachers and leaders.  Each and every workshop integrates a number of activities that require participants and teams to develop and refine new content during sessions. Presenters model processes to build innovative thinking that are anchored to high impact strategies. Moreover, participants are provided with a number of tools, strategies, resources, and examples during each session.


Hinge Education is focused on ensuring teachers and leaders have what they need to impact student learning in developing their learning process, building core academic content knowledge and skills, and applying that learning to real world situations.  

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