We understand that educators need to explore opportunities to see what is the best fit for them, their colleagues, and their school.   Foundations are the place to start.  


We know that educators want to push their practice to the furthest extent possible to move their learning forward.  Our deep dive sessions offer a team-based approach to deepening instructional and leadership practices.  


These workshops provide a step-by-step approach for implementing research-based practices into classrooms and schools.  These engaging workshops offer practical strategies for teachers to implement immediately in the classroom.   


These workshops provide step-by-step approaches for teachers and leaders who have implemented the Foundational practices and are now looking to further develop their expertise and to solve current in class or in school problems.  These engaging workshops offer a set of tools and practices that enable educators to enhance and deepen their expertise. 


Given the realities of current conditions in the world Hinge Education provides a virtual adaptation of  all our programs that maintains their impact and value for educators and leaders while allowing for offsite access. Our eWorkshops may be conducted separately or as part of an onsite program.  Programs are typically 3-5 days long with two 75-minute live workshops per day.  Presenters will offer ongoing support throughout the day.  The days can be sequenced across a week or we can customize a schedule that runs over several weeks.